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Overview of electric toothbrushes

Modern brush are divided into three types. They are characterized by different principles of cleaning the surface of the plaque, but they have one thing in common – they all need electricity. they are called Because. The power source in these brushes can be penlight batteries or rechargeable batteries, rechargeable from the mains.

Mechanical type

The electric toothbrush of this type has a round rotary head. The toothbrush has two options by which the head with bristles makes circular reciprocating movement and pulsating upwards and downwards. The models differ in the type of mechanical rotational speed, they range from 5,000 to 30,000 per minute. These fluctuations and make teeth cleaning.

Sound type

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These brushes are equipped with audio technology. It is the high-frequency generator, it produces a sound wave vibration. At the moment the bristles make about 19 thousand movements. Cleaning takes place in two aspects – by mechanical sweeping food residue, and the sound vibrations acting on the bacteria, which are attached to the teeth, making dental plaque is softened and removed faster.

Ultrasonic type

A brush of this type is equipped with a built-in ultrasonic frequency generator. Ultrasound detrimental effect on microorganisms which are attached to teeth to form plaque. Due to this happens the teeth cleaning process.

Electric toothbrushes, how to choose?

What aspects need to pay attention when choosing electro? The right choice depends on what products you choose. Trust must provide credible and well-proven producers. Serious large organizations usually do not only production, but also carry out various studies, involving doctors and using the most innovative and high-quality materials, because they value their reputation. Relatively cheap models raise doubts and suspicions.

The main criteria in choosing electrobrushes

Power electro.

As mentioned above, such brushes are powered penlight batteries or battery. It is better to opt for a battery, rechargeable from the mains, as its capacity will be higher, and therefore, cleaning capability and better.

Character nozzle movement. Three technologies.

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Inexpensive models have a nozzle that moves in one direction in a circle. (1-D) system.
More expensive models have a tip which makes reciprocating motion. This significantly improves the cleaning capability of the brush. (2-D technology).
But the best option would be the brush, which includes also the pulsating movement. (3-D technology). This brush is not only clean the surface as much as possible, but also to cope with softly pronounced pigment coating.
cleaning modes.

More expensive models may have other than a standard cleaning mode also “gentle”, “polish”, “massage”.


A complete set of schetkiElektricheskie toothbrushes Included are 3 types of baits. For daily cleaning for sensitive teeth and whitening tip. Also, additional nozzles may include, for example, “asset-floss” or “double cleansing”. The more expensive package includes a set of auxiliary nozzles. Cheap copies are, as a rule, only one nozzle, but the rest can be purchased.

The important point is the multi-colored ring on each nozzle is of the same color, this is done in order to avoid being confused and each family member has an individual nozzle.

How to clean the electro teeth?

Modern analogues significantly reduce the time of cleaning teeth, which is suitable for busy people. If a conventional brush is recommended to clean the 5 minutes, the electrical reduces this time to 1, 5 minutes. Longer clean modern brush is undesirable because of the intensity of the rotation can wear out the teeth enamel.

Often, when using an electric brush inept appear unpleasant sensations such as acute sensitivity to hot and cold, there may be erosion of the neck of the tooth. The fact is that the brush is very high quality and intensity of the impact on the teeth. The matter is compounded by the fact that the cleaning procedure is reduced, which is undesirable for dental tissues, which do not have time to obtain the necessary substances that are found in the paste.

How to learn to use electro? This brush can not be held on one tooth more than a second. That is, you need to constantly consider himself “one” and rearrange the head to another tooth, while making rotational circular motion. Even the cheapest models do up to 4,000 rpm, so that should eliminate the pressure on the teeth when brushing. To control this process, comes to the aid of a timer. With all the nuances electro cleaning, such an effect on dental plaque is a very high quality.

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